Suspension Gel Technology.

firefoxThrough Suspension Gel Technology, our daily nutrients can be taken anywhere, quickly and easily. No glasses, no super-sized pills, no waterlogged juices, no ineffective sprays and creams. Just pure, concentrated nutrients in an easy to take, readily absorbed, taste bud-busting gel.

Entirely original, the Gelceutical market represents an untapped arena of wellness. And the landmark realization of the industry is Agel. Agel stands at the head of a supplement revolution: incredible convenience, incredible flavor.

What is gel? It's a plant-based, gelatinous fluid that allows basic nutrients to "float". When nutrients "float", they stay dissolved and "suspended" and are more portable, easier to ingest, more accurate in their dosage and more readily absorbed by your body.

More Portable

To get the most out of nutrients, you need to take them around the time you eat. That means carrying them around with you! You can't take a supplement you leave at home. And Agel's soft gel packs couldn't be more grab-able, pocket-stuff-able, rip-and-sip-able, even fun to hold. Never forget your nutrition again.

Easier to Ingest

Let's face it. Pills are hard to swallow - and not just for kids and seniors. Liquids often taste terrible. There has to be an easier way. There is. Agel gel packs taste great and couldn't be easier to sip. No spilling. No choking. No pill after taste. No water needed. Just nutrition where you need it.

More Accurate in Their Dosage

Each Agel gel pack contains an exact dosage of the nutrients your body needs, and the patent-pending gel technology means you get every last drop when you "rip and sip." No shaking. No ingredient sediments at the bottom that you miss. Each gel is a uniform blend of goodness with the same dosage of nutrients, every time.

Easily Absorbed by your Body

It's called "bioavailability." That's a big word for how readily your body can absorb the nutrients you swallow. Athletes pound carbs in gel packs mid-race so they get the benefit immediately. Now you can get immediate results. Pills and their coatings may or may not get broken down. Liquids must be shaken and taken immediately. But the nutrients in Agel gel packs are always dissolved, suspended, and ready to go to work.

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